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Sports & financial betting over the years have rapidly grown to be one of the most profitable businesses in the industry of online gambling. Sports & financial betting is considered one of the most popular forms of online gambling known, and it’s attraction to players in the casino are certainly on the rise. Players in casinos are always looking out for new games to play, and not just the standard table games in the casinos.The growth of interests in sports& financial betting is beneficially to land-based casino, is actually an exceptionally profitable opportunity for land-based casino to tap into.

Let’s go straight into the details on the benefits of setting up a Sports & Financial Betting center in a Land-based Casino.

  • Extra Competitive Edge
    • Competitive edge here can be described as a Service edge. We give customers what they want. An extra service to customers who have the interest to bet in sports & financial betting.
  • Higher Customers retention
    • Avoid losing valuable customers. Sports & financial betting provide an addition of choice to customers, without this sports & financial betting center, and with the popularity of sports betting on the rise, this may cause customers to go other casinos that provide sports & financial betting.
  • Vastly increased customer database
    • A sports & financial betting center will definitely attracts more customers coming into your casino, because this offers more games, more betting options to customers
  • Increase in casino revenue
    • Brings to increase in revenue for the casino. Customer, who bets in sports book, will also bet in casino table games, and vice versa, players who bet in table games can also bet in sports book.
    • The longer the customer remains in casino, this also can increase higher average player spend, because they will also go for drinks and food, this also will increase avenue to casino F & B.
With our Sports & Financial Betting Center (iBet789) product, we offer land-based casinos a far greater opportunity to enhance the whole player experience.